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This is super exciting news that Pandora including the specially threaded fashion

Pandora’s UK website has been an inadvertent font of information and images about new releases recently. Several upcoming pieces like the animal print Pandora line, the white gold safety chain http://www.vinaforsaigon.com/discount-pandora-alphabet-charms-australia.html, and the Australian-exclusive cricket bat temporarily made their way on to the product catalog. Our friends at Pandora were even able to snag some high-res product detail shots of the animal print charms before they got taken down by Pandora.

This weekend a charms addict sent us a screen shot of what appears to be the one of the most iconic Pandora pieces — the Joyful — being listed in the Pandora UK product catalog.

The Joyful is the charm in the upper right, and is listed with a low price. We immediately went to the Pandora BirthStone Charms AU | Great Pandora Jewellery Sale Australia site to try and confirm this but it looks like it has been pulled from the website already.

Endangered Trolls confirmed that Trollbeads began releasing glass beads last year with a larger “universal core”. These universal beads have enlarged interiors that allows them to fit on all charm bracelets, including the specially threaded Pandora bracelets.

Based on the picture, it would appear that Troll is testing the cross-promotion waters with Pandora and fitting the recently re-released Joyful charm (it was originally retired in 2006 and was brought back by Pandora this year) with a larger universal core. I personally think it looks wonderful and would be a perfect fit alongside the rest of the Pandora collection.

Given Troll’s inclination to make limited edition runs, our guess would be that this special Troll/Pandora crossover version of the Joyful would be also be “limited, ” but may have to be a bigger run to accommodate Pandora’s larger customer base. We also think that this newer crossover version may be specially hallmarked — the original Joyful had no Pandora Silver Charms australia, while the recent re-release bore Troll’s new 925 LAA hallmark (similar to how Pandora uses the ALE marking on their pieces). This new large-core version of the charm may have something like a combined Troll + Pandora hallmark like “LAA ALE” to help distinguish it from the other ones.

This is super exciting news and I hope the test goes well so that Troll and Pandora will consider partnering even more in the future. Charms Addict and Pandora will keep digging for more information around this, stay tuned!

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