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Pandora fans have been clamoring for formal destination charms like this to either represent their h

There have been a lot of requests for “destination charms” on the official Pandora Facebook page for a while now because one of lovely things about Pandora is creating memories and part of that is http://www.vinaforsaigon.com/discount-pandora-cz-beads-australia.html getting a souvenir while you’re on vacation. Just a couple weeks ago there was speculation about the possibility of these special charms being released at Pandora Beads this year. Specifically the thread on Facebook speculated that an Eiffel Tower dangle and possible a Leaning Tower of Pisa bead was in the works by Pandora; no pictures made it out unfortunately, and while everyone was super enthused about the prospects of other landmark or city-inspired charms finally being released there was no confirmation that this rumor was true. No pictures, of course, but this is huge news! Pandora fans have been clamoring for formal destination charms like this to either represent their hometowns, or to commemorate their travels abroad. Up until this point we’ve had to make due with using other charms from their main Pandora line to represent this milestones — I know Leann Pandora Hearts Charms & Pandora Love Charms Sale Australia the two-tone Pandora charms on Cruise to mark her visit to Cozumel, for example. The most frequently used charms to represent travel are the airplane, suitcase, and the new camera charm that just came out. The six charms from the list are the ultra-famous landmarks of Paris, New york, Rome, London, Barcelona, and Berlin respectively. I think the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and Pandora are expected given how http://www.vinaforsaigon.com/discount-pandora-murano-glass-beads-australia.html popular those destinations and landmarks are; the Brandenburger Gate and the Colosseum are a little surprising over more known locales like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but still great choices in my opinion. The most interesting one for me, however, has to be the Pandora charm! The actual landmark is extremely ornate and I’m wondering how Pandora will capture the details of the building in their piece. Also based on the information we got, we can infer that these destination charms will not be location or country exclusives. Or at the very least, Denmark will be getting them so it sounds like the landmark charms will not be restricted to their “home” markets. Thanks to Endangered Trolls for forwarding on their tip early this morning! Looking forward to tracking down some pics of these as we get closer to their June release date.

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